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Hunter Douglas Smart Shades & Motorized Blinds FAQs

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Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Smart Shades and Motorized Blinds from Hunter Douglas.

How Are The Motorized Shades Powered?

The motorized shades are powered in a few ways, including with plug-in power operations or simply with batteries. Hard-wired motorized shades are possible if you are building a new home and integrating these shades into the circuit boards.

How Do You Operate Motorized Shades?

You can open and close smart motorized shades a few different ways:

  1. With a remote.
  2. Using an app.
  3. Setting up voice assistance (when integrated with a compatible smart-home system).

You can open and close basic motorized shades by pulling down or pushing up on a wand.

What is a Scene?

A scene is a predetermined shade level that you can create using the app and can do a scene for any number of rooms. For example, you can create a "movie time" scene in the app that will close the shades in your home to match how you like the lighting for a movie. You can also have a setting just for the morning, so you get the exact amount of light to start your day. Create a scene for any number of reasons, like time of day, time of week, etc. And get the perfect lighting for your home 24/7!

Can I Connect My Motorized Blinds & Shades to a Smart Device?

Yes, you can connect smart motorized blinds to your tablet or phone. When you download the corresponding app, you will be able to control your blinds from your device. You can also integrate smart motorized blinds with other smart-home systems for blind control using a voice assistant.

Do Motorized Shades Need to Be Plugged In?

Motorized shades can be powered in a few different ways, which includes with batteries or a plug-in power supply. If you are building a new house or doing an extensive remodel, then hard-wired motorized shades are also an option.

Do Schedules Auto Update For Daylight Savings Time?

Yes, the schedules in the app will automatically adjust for Daylight Savings Time, which is a nuisance we all live through twice a year.

Are Motorized Blinds Difficult to Install?

The specifics for installation of motorized window treatments will vary depending on the type of window treatment. In order to ensure the motorized window treatments function correctly, then we recommend turning to a professional. However, these shades do come with installation instructions if you want to give it a go yourself.

How Much Do Motorized Shades Cost?

The cost for motorized shades will depend on the size of the window treatment, as well as the control and power options that you choose. If you want more information, please turn to use for pricing options. The Shade Factory is an authorized dealer of Hunter Douglas motorized blinds and smart shades.

Authorized Dealer of Hunter Douglas Motorized Blinds & Smart Shades

As an authorized dealer of Hunter Douglas window treatments, we are proud to supply their motorized shades and blinds to customers across Long Island, New York. If you are interested in purchasing motorized blinds and smart shades, then please reach out to us today. You can request an estimate and learn about the pricing details.

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