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Authorized Seller of Comfortex Window Treatments

Comfortex is a leading manufacturer and fabricator of custom window treatments and we here at The Shade Factory are proud to be an authorized seller for their products. They are headquartered right in Maplewood, New York in upstate New York, making them a partner in the New York economy. And a close enough company to call a friend. Their products are not only distributed in the state of New York, but across the United States as well as over 70 countries around the world. 

Comfortex has an extensive selection of cellular shades, roller shades, panel track shades, sheer shadings and more! And many of their products are made in an eco-friendly process that creates less waste and consumes less energy. There is a care and attention to detail that you get with Comfortex window treatments that many other companies do not possess. And innovation is also a crucial element to their manufacturing process. Through development, production, distribution, and service with innovative products, they are able to address well-defined market needs around the world.

Comfortex is a company that is committed to exceeding customer expectations by providing the best quality products in their field and we are happy to have established a partnership with them and sell their high-quality window treatments to customers across Long Island, New York. They continue to develop innovative products and become a more respected name in the industry. The Shade Factory is happy to be in partnership with them now and for the foreseeable future.

Comfortex Window Treatments for Sale

Here are some of the more notable Comfortex shades for sale.

  • Cellular Shades: Available in a wide range of fabric choices and operating systems. They offer style, reliability and energy efficiency.
  • SlumberShades Blackout Cellular Shades: Feature light blocking "sidetracks" to help create an incredibly dark room.
  • Ovation Cellular Slider Shades: These shades are great for large window spaces and due to their sleek design they can help solve you light control issue.
  • Mezzo Motorized Skylight Shades: Rechargeable motorized skylights will eliminate the frustration that is often associated with replacing batteries or needing to adjust to hard-to-reach shades.
  • Cellular Specialty Shades: The specialty cellular shades are custom-made in order to fit octagons, arches, and any other window shape.
  • Color Lux Cellular Shades: Premium collection of custom-made shades that come in over 800 color choices, including fabric-wrapped and exclusive motorization options.
  • Color Lux Roller Shades: Highest quality of roller fabrics, along with 800+ color choices with exclusive cordless hardware offerings and options, like fabric-wrapped headrails.
  • Color Lux Sheer Shades: Available in over 800 colors, this type of shade features an innovative design that will block 38% more light than the competition.
  • Color Lux Panel Track Shades: Available in over 800 colors and an array of beautiful fabrics. Ideal for covering large windows and doors or for use as a room divider.

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We are located in Mineola, New York and work with customers from across Long Island. On top of providing customers with Comfortex, we also are partnered with Hunter Douglas. So no matter what type of window treatment you are looking for, we have the products you want. And check out all of the shades we have to offer.