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Why Window Film?

VISTA® Window Film. Perfect for your home.

VISTA® Window Film is a microthin film composed of polyester and metallized coatings bonded by adhesives, It is installed onto the internal surface of your home's glass to provide significant solar protection. It screens out heat, blocks out 99% of the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays and deflects harsh, uncomfortable glare while allowing glare-controlled sunlight to pass through. VISTA ® adapts to the changes in the seasons, reflecting the hot sun in the summer and containing heat in during the winter, you can be comfortable all year long.
VISTA ® helps preserve fabrics, furniture, works of art, wood floors and rugs by filtering out the harmful UV rays and other characteristics of the sun that contribute to fading, so only the best light of the sun shines through.
Llumar® Window Film. The clear answer for business.
Today's buildings utilize more glass than ever before. The trend toward open floor plans, high ceilings and extensive use of glass has become the preferred standard. But glass windows are notorious energy wasters, making building owners and managers increasingly concerned about excessive glare, heat build-up and higher energy costs.
Llumar® Film provides comfort, reduces glare, saves energy & protects furnishings
Llumar® Window Film is a retrofit product installed directly to the interior side of the glass. It helps correct temperature imbalances between sunny and shady areas and it deflects harsh, uncomfortable glare reducing eye strain that is common while doing paperwork or viewing computer screens. Employees are more comfortable and more productive!
Llumar® Window Film can reject up to 79% of the incoming solar energy, cutting power bills. And, with 99% ultraviolet rejection, fading of interiors will be reduced and furnishings will last longer...a small investment to protect your big investments!


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